Guidance on Health and Safety

1. Working Practices

• You must not operate any item of equipment unless trained, and authorised to do so.

• You must not remove any guarding from equipment used or deviate from your authorised usage of the equipment

• You must report immediately any equipment defect, and never attempt repair.

• You must undertake all duties as instructed and never deviate.

2. Hazard/Warning Signs and Notices

• You must comply with all hazard/warning signs and notices displayed on the premises.

3. Working Conditions/Environment

• You must make proper use of all equipment and facilities provided to control working conditions/environment.

• You must ensure you keep your work areas clear/tidy.

• You must dispose of waste/scrap in the appropriate receptacles.

4. Protective Clothing and Equipment

• You must wear protective equipment where required.

• You must never obstruct any fire escape route, fire equipment or doors.

5. Accidents

• You must see the first-aider for any injury you may receive and ensure details are entered into the accident book.

• You must report any incident in which damage is caused to property.

6. General

• You must report any medical condition that could affect the safety of yourself or others.

• You must not become involved with horseplay, or practical jokes.

• You must follow all rules pertaining to no smoking areas.

I understand my responsibilities with regards to Health and Safety at work, and confirm I have read, have understood and will adhere to the Health and Safety guidance detailed above.